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Get knowledge and a step ahead with professional software associations

Are you looking for a place to help you kick start your shareware business or strengthen it? A place to discuss your problems with other independent software developers and exchange ideas with them? Professional software associations are here to do that and much more!

Depending on the type of business you run, you may join several of the following associations:
  • Association of Independent Software Industry Professionals (AISIP).
    AISIP provides information and support to professionals in the independent software industry. Open to anybody that works in this industry, the association website hosts various forums on technical issues, book discussions and reviews, general topics (events, marketing, customer support, etc.) and community (non-business) where members can share news, ideas, opinions, ask or give advice.
    Membership fees: 24 $/ year

  • Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).
    Created in 1987, the ASP now has fourteen hundred members world wide, its purpose being to promote shareware, improve members' businesses and make it easier for computer users to find software at good prices. For independent software developers, one of the biggest advantages in joining this association is having access to a huge archive of resources and shareware know-how. Help regarding difficulties with business, technical or marketing problems is at hand around the clock, through private discussion groups. Also, there are experts that offer knowledge on business strategies and techniques, through monthly newsletters.
    Membership fees: standard 100 $/ year, supporting member 250 $/ year

  • Educational Software Cooperative (ESC)
    ESC (Educational Software Cooperative) is a non-profit corporation bringing together developers, publishers, distributors and users of educational software.
    The ESC web site features a download section, one-stop shopping for educational and edutainment software, The Service Guide - a directory of ESC members with businesses providing services other than software -, the ESC newsgroup, where members may communicate with each other and the public, a members-only web page with news, downloads, special offers, and information of interest to ESC members.
    ESC membership gives acces to the Cooperative newsletter and allows participation in ESC's Net Ring, a vehicle that can drive new, targeted traffic to your site.
    Various membership fees, starting from $ 35 for basic annual membership to $ 1000 for Lifetime members.

  • Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF).
    Its most important function is to support and improve software development and marketing, facilitating the creation and promotion of new products by organizing seminars, conferences and forums to exchange ideas and share experience in the field. ISDEF also organizes events tackling the problem of computer piracy. The Association's self-declared purpose is to protect the interests of software developers and other participants in the software industry.
    Membership fees: 100 $/ year

  • Organization of Independent Software Vendors (OISV).
    Itís a co-operative of developers, marketers, distributors and retailers that want to create better and more affordable software for users. Their mission statement is to create marketing, development and support paths for all OISV members to use as professional guidelines for success; to provide Web forums and Articles in which all members can contribute their thoughts and ideas equally; to help all members distribute and market their software using best practices and the experience of others; to help users by creating software that solves problems and is affordable. The OISV website features news, articles and forums organized in very relevant categories: Marketing, Distribution, Development , Web Design, SEO, E-Commerce, Customer Service.
    Membership: free
Published date: July 19, 2006

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