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Be Google-igious - a step-by-step guide for Google Analytics

Posted in Avangate on the October 6th, 2008

Avangate, full service provider of electronic software distribution and reseller management solutions for software vendors, publishes its first-of-the-series e-book, the "Analytics miniBible for Software Vendors". This is a reliable, step-by-step advisory document on how to benefit from the world's most used analytics tracking service, Google Analytics.

The document is a must-read for software vendors, providing them with the necessary knowledge in order to get user data from their sites and employ it in a revenue-productive manner.

"Every software vendor that has an online business strives to be highly efficient regarding the selling of his software. By understanding better the users that get on his website, he can further enhance this efficiency and be able to put into action a strategy that will take his software business forward and increase his revenue.", says Adriana Iordan, Web Marketing Manager, Avangate.

"Analytics miniBible for Software Vendors" helps software vendors: (1) centralize all the tracking data for the website, the software application and the shopping cart in one place, linking them real-time in a dynamic way; (2) find out the success rate of the shopping carts supplied by eCommerce providers; (3) get extra data about their users, which is not explicitly available in the Google Analytics interface; (4) understand exactly how the analytics tracking service works. Software vendors will also see the main advantages and best practices corresponding to each issue.

The practical implementation is extremely simple for software vendors using Avangate. The eCommerce platform features a Web Analytics module, which efficiently integrates the data from the vendor's website with the one from the shopping cart. Along with advanced tracking tools from the Avangate Control Panel, software vendors are empowered to achieve great results in terms of sales and web exposure.

"Analytics miniBible for Software Vendors" is available for free on the company's official website, www.avangate.com. For software business relevant know-how make sure to visit the company blog and the Resources Section, take advantage of the free tools offered by Avangate (PAD Validator, PAD Promoter) and consider subscribing to Avangate Digest, a resourceful monthly newsletter including trade tips and industry expert interviews.

Avangate is committed to providing quality knowledge and free access to basic business resources & tools to ISV professionals, while continuously improving its service portfolio with flexible, business oriented solutions. Avangate's expertise in the software marketing services field can help vendors generate online software sales by increasing the website's visibility in all major search engines and distributing your product among the top ranked download sites and software directories on the Internet. Further more, the company's specialists can better structure the vendor's website and content, making sure it clearly presents the power and benefits of the products and convincing the site's visitors to download and try them.

Avangate, premiere supporter of 2007 ESWC

Posted in Avangate on the October 31th, 2007

Avangate is happy to announce its participation at European Software Conference ESWC - Germany 2007 and greets the European ISV community.

Avangate BV, full service eCommerce provider for electronic software distribution and reseller management announces sponsorship of the 7th annual European Software Conference (ESWC ). The 2007 edition takes place between 3rd and 4th, November at the Marriott Hotel in Cologne, Germany where Avangate team comes to speak about how to make money from selling software.

Details on each panel schedule are available at www.avangate.com/eswc2007.

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Plimus Acquires Order1.Net

Posted in Plimus on the January 4th, 2007

San Diego, January 4, 2007 —Plimus, Inc., a global e-commerce solutions provider, today announced it has acquired Order1.Net, a provider of e-commerce services for software authors. Under the terms of the agreement, Plimus has acquired certain assets, vendor contracts and intellectual property of Order1.Net. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
“This acquisition is consistent with our strategy to extend our global footprint and expand our client base, software library and online sales network,” said Tomer Herzog, CEO of Plimus. “Moving forward, we intend to leverage our award-winning platform to ensure our customers can optimize their online sales opportunities and to drive consumer retention.”

About Plimus, Inc.
Plimus, Inc., a global e-commerce solutions provider, builds and manages online businesses for thousands of software publishers, web hosting companies and online retailers. Plimus helps companies and publishers of all sizes maximize online revenues and reduce the costs and risks of running an e-commerce operation. The company's award-winning platform offers order management, fraud prevention, export controls, tax management, physical and digital product fulfillment, multi-currency and multi-language support, advanced reporting services, marketing tools, licensing management, an affiliate network, and much more.

Founded in 2001, Plimus is the winner of the 2006 Software Vendor Awards for Most Innovative Software E-commerce Service, Best Software E-commerce Customer Service & Support, and Best Overall Software E-commerce Value. Plimus is headquartered in San Diego. For more details about Plimus, visit the corporate Web site at www.plimus.com or call our press contact, Guy Wilnai, at 858-350-7473 x703.

Avangate sponsors European ShareWare Conference (ESWC)

Posted in Avangate on the October 20th, 2006

Avangate, shareware registration service and e-commerce provider for online software sales, sponsors the 6th annual European ShareWare Conference. The two day event will be held on the 4th and the 5th of November 2006 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Cambridge, UK.

The ESWC conference is the last major shareware event of the year and another opportunity for shareware professionals to keep up to date with the latest theories and practices in the software business.

"The challenges that the software industry is facing now require easy to implement, secure and flexible tools. Avangate sales and marketing solutions answer well these requirements and can enhance a software business", says Dragos Stanescu, Sales Manager at Avangate B.V.

By sponsoring the ESWC conference, Avangate, also a member of several important professional associations, continues its commitment to support and be closer to the software developers' community.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a gateway to facilitate sharing information to and for shareware developers and companies and organizations who provide products and services to shareware developers. More information can be found at

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Digital Locker – New oneNetwork Sales Channel for RegNow Publishers

Posted in RegNow on the July 11th, 2006

RegNow has integrated with Microsoft Digital Locker to allow easy connection to this sales channel. RegNow vendors can add products to this sales channel simply through the RegNow control panel. What is Digital Locker? As part of the new Windows Marketplace, Digital Locker is a new online distribution solution that simplifies the purchasing experience of downloadable software. Digital Locker provides consumers a consistent, unified, easy to use interface where they can purchase, download and even install products. Microsoft receives millions of unique visitors a day to the Windows Marketplace site. Digital Locker will launch in the Windows Marketplace in August 2006, just in time for the 2006 holiday season. Putting you on the frontlines of the holiday shopping frenzy! To see the public beta version of Microsoft Digital Locker, visit: http://www.windowsmarketplacelabs.com. Vendors can visit the "Digital Locker" section of their help and support for additional information.

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Kagi to Provide Downloadable Software through Microsoft Windows Marketplace

Posted in Kagi on the June 14th, 2006

Berkeley, California – June 12, 2006 - Kagi, a leader in e-commerce outsourcing worldwide, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to make its catalog of software available through the Microsoft Windows Marketplace shopping portal where customers can easily find and buy a variety of software and hardware products for the Windows operating system.

Kagi provides a software catalog with thousands of downloadable products that include a wide range of developer tools, applications, games, utilities and more. Kagi’s participation in the Windows Marketplace dramatically extends the ability of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to grow their businesses and be more profitable.

“Kagi is very pleased to be one of the first to join with Microsoft in offering its rich software catalog through the Windows Marketplace”, says Kee Nethery, Kagi’s CEO. “This alliance will provide buyers with an outstanding blend of shopping services while providing software publishers with an exceptional marketing opportunity. The Windows Marketplace levels the playing field for smaller and niche software suppliers and provides enormous visibility for all participating ISV’s.”

“We are delighted with Kagi’s participation and believe it will enhance the Windows Marketplace software catalog by providing millions of customers with easy access to software created by smaller ISVs,” said Joe Peterson, corporate vice president of the Windows Online group at Microsoft. “By working together, Kagi and Microsoft will continue to improve customers’ exposure to the breadth of software available for the Windows operating system. Together we are excited to provide customers with a robust buying and downloading experience that we will unveil soon.”

Continuing its full service tradition, Kagi will manage the e-commerce, software downloads, customer support and fraud prevention services. Current Kagi clients need only sign-up to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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eSellerate Announces Affiliate Program Update for Affiliates

Posted in eSellerate on the May 18th, 2006

(LINCOLN, NE - USA) ?eSellerate has released an update that extends the options available for promoting and tracking affiliate sales. This update includes:

     • Hosted eST
Landing Pages
Expanded sales tracking
Tracking IDs for all sales options
Hosted eST Tracking report
"My Products" data export 

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1,000,000th Backup CD produced

Posted in ShareIt on the April 12th, 2006

On April 12, 2006, share-it! produced the 1,000,000th Backup CD. This anniversary CD was produced and shipped for software publisher PC Tools.

 The fact that a million Backup CDs have been produced in just four-and-a-half years is proof of the success of this service.

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New HotDownloads.com Site is LIVE

Posted in Regsoft

Check out RegSoft.com's exclusive new shareware and software portal site located at http://www.hotdownloads.com which hosts over 4000 products immediately available for download and purchase.

Improved Post Order Confirmation E-Mails

RegSoft has recently improved its post-order confirmation page, as well as the email the user receives. An example of a customer's confirmation email is:


In the confirmation email, the customer receives a detailed explanation of what the customer what they can expect now that the order has been submitted. In addition, each customer is now given a link to a webpage that can provide them with the status of their order. This email tells the customer what to do if they are having problems, what they can expect from this point and other relevant information. Each user will have their own custom version of this page with information specific to the current status of their order. An example of a customer's status page is:


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Selling Software the Easy Way

Posted in Osolis on the October, 2006

OSoLiS is the easy, multi-lingual way for customers to purchase software, with online and offline payment options (including pro-forma invoicing), and immediate online delivery of a software installer or a Personal License Register to fully-enable their installed shareware/trialware.

With their own password-protected account customers can easily obtain software updates or a new copy of their Personal License Register, purchase upgrades, print off receipts, or update their contact details – saving both the customer and the author time and inconvenience.

OSoLiS’s System for Issuing and Verifying Licenses verifies each user’s e-mail address and personalises their license with their name and contact details in a tamper-proof manner, eliminating the risk of anonymous software keys being distributed on warez sites.

OSoLiS helps authors build a relationship with their customers by providing a mailing facility to contact customers – at no extra cost.

OSoLiS allows the author to concentrate on producing software by handling all aspects of the registration process: collecting payments (including sophisticated fraud screening), issuing licenses, maintaining contact details, and providing detailed real-time sales reports.

OSoLiS will be attending the sixth annual European Shareware Conference on 5 November 2006 in Cambridge – details at www.euroconference.org.

For further information on OSoLiS visit www.osolis.com/en/authors, e-mail enquiry@osolis.com, or speak to Edward Leigh at the European Shareware Conference.


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