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Want to meet fellow shareware authors?

See what others are developing, where the shareware industry is going, what challenges lie ahead? Learn how to promote and sell your software, or even better how to increase your online software sales? Get in touch with businesses that help developers get their products to users? This is what industry conferences are for. Letís look at the most important such events of 2006.

Iíll start with one that has just taken place, but since itís a major event for the industry, I think itís worth mentioning. If you missed it, at least to have it in your agenda for next July.
  • The Shareware Industry Conference
    It started out as an idea five friends came up with during a get-together for shareware authors at the Comdex Fall of 1990. The first shareware conference was organized a year later as the Summer Shareware Seminar. The year after that another event was added to this conference, the Shareware Industry Awards. While the conference was designed to help shareware authors in general, the awards ceremony was thought to be beneficial to the shareware industry as a whole, by focusing attention to it. The conference changed its name from the Summer Shareware Seminar to Shareware Industry Conference in 1994. It became a three-day event with dozens of informative and educational sessions covering a wide variety of topics.

    The 16th Shareware Industry Conference took place in Denver, Colorado on July 13-15.
    More on the conference and shareware industry awards (submissions, voting etc.) and on details on the next conference, go to www.sic.org

  • The European Shareware Conference
    The event is organized by ESWC e.V., a non-profit association dedicated to providing educational opportunities to shareware authors. The purpose of the conference is to help develop relationships between shareware authors, companies distributing shareware products and companies that provide services to developers. It is an annual event, first held in 2001 in Germany that has now reached its 6th edition.

    The 6th annual European Shareware Conference entitled Opening doors across Cyberspace will take place in Cambridge, United Kingdom on November 4 and 5, 2006.
    More info on www.euroconference.org

  • The ISDEF Conference
    This is a twice yearly event held by a non-commercial association known as the Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF) in Russia. The issues discussed are related to software development and the software business in general and in Russia in particular. Topics are organizing marketing channels, promotion of software and copyright protection among others. Attendants are both Russian and foreign developers and businesses, with the event attracting more and more participants every year.
    The association was formed in 2002 and organized the first conference in September of the same year. In 2005 it became obvious that the topics had become so numerous and wide-ranging that an additional event was required, where ISDEF members and others involved in the software market could gather and discuss. As a result, the ISDEF Spring conference, a one-day event was introduced in 2005 and held again in 2006. This yearís Spring edition focused on selling and marketing software in European countries.

    The 6th ISDEF conference Ė the two day fall edition of 2006 - will most probably take place in October, with the exact dates and location to be announced.
    Keep an eye on www.isdef.org/en/
Published date: August 01, 2006

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