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Submit shareware for higher sales

The first step to increase your shareware sales is submitting your product to the top ranked download sites and directories. You can do this yourself, but beware that it takes time and effort to get listed. The alternative is to request a professional's help. There are many companies offering the service, some are specialized in shareware submission, others offer several software marketing services or even entire ecommerce solutions.

Major advantages of shareware submission:
  • More visibility and downloads, which in the end means more shareware sales;
  • Targeted traffic, one of the main purposes of shareware promotion;
  • More back- links and increased link popularity, which enhance your website's page ranking and position in the main search engines;
  • Easy way to promote your software - some sites include new shareware submissions in the most visible part of their home page, others may also include these in their newsletters;
  • The chance to improve your software, based on users' feedback. Many of these sites and directories provide real-time feedback from users in the form of rates or comments.
For a successful shareware submission focus on the following steps:
  • Create a good PAD file. PAD (Portable Application Description) is a new XML - based standard helping authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings.
    PAD usage has become very popular because it simplifies the entire submission process - both for authors and webmasters. Basically it allows you to register your programs quickly, using only the URL of the PAD - file.
  • Try to find the appropriate category for your site this will improve your targeting.
  • Write a high-quality site description. Some sites require a short description, others a more elaborate one. Be prepared for both situations.
  • Provide correct information. Double check any piece of information you submit.
  • Get listed in as many download sites and directories as possible.
  • Keep track of all the sites and directories you have submitted your software to.
  • In order to continually promote your shareware, don't neglect to submit new or modified versions. Many sites sort the information by the date of the last update.
  • Analyze the traffic you get from these sites and concentrate on those who really bring you customers.
Remember that users want high quality products, and they are willing to pay a fair price to fulfill their needs. Promote more than one product in order for users to find just the right one for them.

Shareware submission is all about including your product in as many download sites and directories as possible. Always keep in mind that downloads, targeted traffic and most important, sales, come from a sustained presence on the internet.
Published date: July 05, 2006

Copyright 2006, http://www.avangate.com all rights reserved. This article was written by a Web Marketing Specialist at Avangate B.V. The author has in depth knowledge of internet marketing services and website analysis applied to the software industry and e-commerce development. Avangate is an eCommerce platform for electronic software distribution incorporating an easy to use and secure online payment system plus additional marketing and sales tools, such as an affiliate management system, automated cross selling options, software promotion management, software marketing services as well as consultancy on how to increase online software sales.


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